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The Track is open every day from 9:00 am to one hour after sunset!


From Calgary: Turn Left at the lights by the Petro-Canada in Redcliff.

From Medicine Hat: Turn Right at the lights by the Petro-Canada in Redcliff, and drive two miles North on Boundary Road.


Community Sponsors

The MHMS is forever grateful for all the support we have received this season. The motocross is a vital resource in the funding of our land and the off-road park would not be possible without community support. Your generous contributions are recognized and greatly appreciated. MHMS

Southern Alberta Tracks

Other Links

MRC Racing

RJF Productions

Alberta Rides

"Partnered with Honda Canada, we now have a dirt bike rental, trail ride, and rider training program in Alberta! It's a great program as it offers new riders the chance to try out different bikes and sizes prior to purchase or to get some rider/ racer training!" Jason Schrage

Medicine Hat BMX

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