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The Track is open every day from 9:00 am to one hour after sunset!


From Calgary: Turn Left at the lights by the Petro-Canada in Redcliff.

From Medicine Hat: Turn Right at the lights by the Petro-Canada in Redcliff, and drive two miles North on Boundary Road.

City of Medicine Hat "Making Plans" 

We have recently been made aware that the City of Medicine Hat is preparing an 'Area Structure Plan' in relation to the land we currently lease. At first it was not clear what this could mean for the club, however we are finding out that the current draft of the Area Structure Plan could potentially mean that we could lose the land and be forced to leave in "10-25" years, which is quite vague. I think we all know that moving the track is and would be a costly, and difficult task to accomplish, and this timeframe makes it quite difficult to make future plans for the track.

This plan encompasses multiple local club lands including the Medicine Hat Rifle and Revolver Club, RC Club, Medicine Hat Drag Race Association, and the Medicine Hat Speedway.

We are doing our best to make a case for our opposition to this plan that we will be presenting in December. We know that we have a diverse crowd of members with many different career and educational backgrounds, so would like to put it out there that If anyone would like to get involved or help out, please reach out to us. 

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